Who we are

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Being a member of the Co-op

We are an artist's co-operative corporation in Lincoln City, Oregon. We are currently accepting applications for new members. We ask potential artists to schedule a time to meet our membership committee. We review new art and meet the applicants on the third Tuesday of each Month. A sign-up sheet is available, as well as the application forms in the gallery and here online. If accepted there is an up front $150 non-refundable membership fee.

By becoming a member of a co-op gallery we gain inspiration and encouragement from our contact with other artists and the public. We also have a say in how our work is displayed and marketed.

We have no paid staff. The co-op is operated by members working approximately three days a month in the Gallery. A monthly dues of $55 is required which pays the rent. In return for these commitments the gallery commission is a modest 12%. Members are also encouraged to contribute by working on a committee such as display, new artist selection, events planning, etc.

We also encourage participation in the general meetings held the third Tuesday of every other month. As an active member you are an equal partner in the co-op. Your input contributes to the smooth running and improvement of the gallery.

Each wall artist is allowed 30 square feet, or 4320 sq. inches, of display space. The gallery is re-hung every three months, allowing artists the opportunity to refresh their inventory. Additionally, when an artist sells a piece, they may replace that item with another piece, considering the space and flow of the display. Payment for sales is on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in joining our co-op and have the time, energy and commitment to be a participating member, please send along some pictures of your work or your website with your application. Also be prepared to bring gallery-ready samples of your art at the time of your scheduled selection interview.